On Sephora's fucking "witch starter kit". An open letter.

Hi Sephora!

For a brand that actively works on making profit out of women’s/and people identifying as such insecurities about their bodies and also for being a profoundly un-ecological product-seller, you’ve got some serious nerve to release your so called “witch starter kit”.

Let me get something clear : I do sometimes wear make up and perfume (not saying it’s not okey not to or to do it, do as you will) and i also buy some un-ecological products from big brands, even if try to make it better for the planet everyday, SO, i’m not saying this from the point of view of a person that has never bought (or stole as a matter of fact ;) anything from Sephora, or has nothing to blame on herself.

But what a nerve. What a nerve that a company, probably owned by white man, tries to put their hands on the most diverse and ancient wisdom and spirituality. The same people that would have burned my sisters to the stake centuries ago, now tries to “brand” our wisdom and work. Also, the stupidity of your “vision” of what a witch is, or should be, is so huge, that some of my anger is calmed by how loud i laughed seeing this on the internet:

First of all, what the fuck on earth is supposed to be a witch starter kit?

There’s is no one type of witch, but thousands. From hundreds of different cultures, religions, countries. Does everyone work with tarot? NO. Does everyone work with cristals? NO. Does everyone work with sage? NO. Does everyone work with “fragrances”? What is that even supposed to be?!!

Do you realize that if you sell sage in a fucking plastic box it has no spiritual use whatsoever ?!

Of course you do. You represent the opposite of what we’ve been working for. So, my rage taken aside, for what I, and many of us, have seen coming for a few years now, I thought of something the other day : YOU ARE AFRAID. Sephora you are afraid! As many clothing brands, as many other multinational companies try to steal and make profit of our work and lifestyle. You are afraid BECAUSE YOU ARE LOSING customers. You are losing customers who happen to be women/and people identifying as such, that realize their power and their freedom given by ancient and FREE universal wisdom of nature, and so you try to attract us back to you, and to fool the new ones that might feel attracted to it.

We’ve got bad news for you: We’re not fools. We will not let you capitalize and brand us. We’re not a trend. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE, AND WILL ALWAYS BE.

We work everyday for the end of injustice systemic violences and oppression that YOU perpetuate through neo-liberalism. We will not forgive this. And we will not let you WITCHWASH your hands for you're image.

This being said, a message to my fellow sisters, brothers and to any person interested in magick and witchcraft :

About crystals : Make sure to always check up the origin of your crystals, I don’t personally work with them, but I know they cause tremendous ecological damage. Also, you don’t need 100 crystals or a collection to be a witch, you actually don’t need anything material.

About white sage: As it has been said it is a native american practice, culturally appropriated by the rest of the world to cleanse energy. Nevertheless, smudge sticks have been used in many other cultures since the beginning of times, as ritual practice and sometimes just perfume, insecticide etc, so you can use any other plant without being afraid to disrespect native-american culture. It is also true that it is over harvested and it has to stop: If you want white sage, please go harvest it yourself, or buy it in a LOCAL or PERSONAL witch shop, so you make sure who your money goes to.

About tarot : Same shit, keep it local, keep it real, there’s nowadays thousands of tarot decks, a lot made by small artists who you can help to thrive funding them.


We small businesses, apothicaires, mediums, magicians, healers, witches of all kinds, need your support.

I’ll finish on a small note about my work: As being said on a previous post : I harvest plants with my own hands IN the forest on full moon nights, and i don’t sell white sage for the reasons explained above, just WOOD SAGE (not the same species). Please feel free to share this text, just tag me, and please BOYCOTT THE SHIT OUT THIS PROFOUNDLY DISRESPECTFUL KIT.

Thank you. Karlota.

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